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So yesterday me and my partner and our two little boys went to Walmart for our groceries. It is a great store and we buy everything there.

Yesterday was a bad experience for us. Okay so we gather our groceries and we go to the self checkout because I find it faster and I hate waiting in big lines. I think it's great that they have that option. After scanning all our groceries I slip my bank card in which says it couldn't read it.

I wipe my card off thinking it's the chip or something even though I just went to my bank and used it before going there. I try again, it says the same thing. Here I am thinking it's my card now, even though it's unbelievable. So we go back to the screen and Jesse my partner, selects pay in cash and he slips in his hundred dollar bill he had and it accepts it but....

heres the kicker. It doesn't say that we paid, doesn't give us a receipt and also doesn't give him any change back. The total was 80.79 and he put in a 100. Okay so now we are upset.

We ask for help and the guy comes over and not only says we can't take the groceries we paid for but tells us to fill out a form and they will call us when it's sorted. The man who was helping accused us of not putting in the 100 after checking the machine. it had ate our 100 bill. Okay so I step in and I ask to speak to a manager or someone to help us because theres no way we are leaving without groceries or this sorted out.

We are sent to customer survice now where I explain the situation again. They try and tell us the same thing and I say.. "Look. I don't think your understanding me...

We need these groceries and we paid for them. so something has to happen here." Okay so after them making phone calls and checking the machine and scanning our groceries again the store finally pays for our groceries and gives us the change back. The groceries we already paid for but got accused otherwise. And we leave with our receipt and change.

But seriously, we are loyal customers and they tried to scam us? Implied we weren't honest which is insulting. Not good. I am very disappointed in the first guy we spoke to who was unkind and rude.

Glad it's all sorted now, but the service we received was uncalled for and I felt like the service should have been a lot kinder then this. We are loyal customers and always enjoy shopping there. This..

not only embarrassed us but the fact we were talked to and accused of being dishonest was.. quite disappointing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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They shouldn't have been rude and I'm glad they resolved it there for you, have to understand the insane amount of theft that happens in Wal-mart stores. A large percentage of people are not good, trustworthy people like you are.

It would be very easy to lie about putting in $100 and I'm sure it happens plenty. I've always thought they should have cameras in that section - that would answer the problems simply and quickly.


This long complaint can easily be condensed into shorter paragraphs.

Complete sentences please.

to Anonymous #1373293

Maybe the grammar policy can find something better to do with their time. Good grief.

to Anonymous #1373582

What is grammar policy?

to Anonymous #1373751

I am sure they meant grammar police, and it's you.

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