Have you purchased anything at Target, Kmart,Sears, Pennys, Lowes or Home Depo. and did you write a check or use a card?

How lucky you are. If you have a problem and need to make a return to one of these stores (not to include Walmart) Then all you need is the card or checking account you used to make your purchase with. The card or a check can be swiped and your purchase will be found so you can be on your way. I used to shop at Walmart but this is one more way to show that they don't care about the consumer.

You have 90 days at these other stores and don't need a reciept as long as you didn't pay with cash. Yes, the other stores are there to make money from the but they have also invested in something that will benefit the consumer. Kmart, Target and Home Depot have had this technology for at least 5years.

Get with it Walmart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

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