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On-line site-to-store ordering is a good concept, & application should work well provided customers are dealing with competent individuals. A little history: On 12/01 order # 2677517958011 was placed on-line. The order consisted of; 1) McGuire Sisters Greatest Hits CD, 2) Millennium Collection-Best of Pat Boone CD; 3) "˜Sugartime' DVD; and 4) Mainstays storage ottoman.

The ottoman was picked up at the Bastrop store on 12/04. Walmart email dated 12/10 indicated remainder of order was READY FOR PICKUP. But, guess what? NOT SO. I was handed a package with my shipping label on the outside, but inside the package was a different order with a packing slip for an individual in Russellville, Arkansas. The only idea ANYONE in the entire store could offer was to credit my Visa Card.

Now, I don't have these items and it's too late to place the order again. But, I'm betting that the store in Russellville has these 3 items as well as another irritated customer who didn't get their proper order either. It would have required a little initiative, and customer service skills, but Bastrop store personnel could have called the store in Russellville, verified the mix-up, arranged to trade orders, and Walmart could maintain satisfied customers. But, no. What Michael Duke now has are two irritated customers without their CHRISTMAS GIFTS, as well as2 refunds on 2 credit cards.


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I get what you're going through! Although my orders were never mixed up. I ordered the same product two different times and had them shipped to different stores. Both times they were cracked in half and in 2 different pieces. I was so peeved! They never offered anything except a refund and even that took forever.
Bought a Visual Land tablet at the site to store site and what a nightmare. Package came in great time and since the day I started it up until now it has been nothing but trouble. Charger had a bent end and had to buy another at my cost and that didn't solve the problem. Battery won't hold a charge and only charges half way, screen goes dead in the middle of an action and I could add more. Contacted their support where (they have no phone number to call) and filled out the complaint section 3 times. I was told to reset to factory default and did so- same problems. After third complaint they send me an e-mail of everything that had been sent by both me and them and got the same answer that I'm sure they took right out of an instruction sheet. Battery is dead and cannot charge it and thus I cannot reset. I have read many customer reviews on their products and find more negative than positive. The only thing nice I have to say is they have a colorful website. I highly recommend WalMart discontinue advertising and selling this extremely faulty product. The law forbids them to have product returned by mail so I am stuck with a $129 tablet that doesn't work at all. Can I get a refund? They won't answer that question so I will contact WalMart by phone.
Jenny F.
We are in the early stages of our site-to-store nightmare. Ordered an exercise bike, and will never use them again. I have been treated very rudely by phone and the tracking system is an absolute joke. They wonder why everyone is hopping over to Target, this would be the reason. They just lost my business for life. I will never go there again and I will tell all my friends and family members. I don't know what happened to the Sam Walton mentality, but the freaks that took over are going to run it into the ground!
easter sunday sounds like a great day to have your tires replaced
to lance Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #535678
I agree. I know the customer must have needed the tires but, COME ON!!!!!

So they text me AND send me email notifying my order is ready for pick up, right?.... WRONG! Two weeks folks, two flipping weeks until they finally tell me it's ready and so I make the *** trip to the store and guess what? nope, nothing. Waited 1.5 hours while the clueless people back there looked for my package and had to walk out empty handed... still waiting...
I ordered a plasma t.v. from walmart this year on black Friday in Nov., I decided to use site to store since the shipping was free. Estimated pick up date was Dec.7-9, on the 11th I got an e-mail saying it was delayed by 2 days, which I was fine with since this was a Christmas gift and I still had plenty of time. Then I decided to track it a few days later on the website and according to that it had arrived on the 7th. So I called the walmart 1-800 number and did the tracking through there, where it said it was still in transit. So I gave it another couple of days and after not getting a phone call or e-mail to pick up my item I called again to speak to a representative. Where come to find out my item was "lost in transit". So, after thinking all of my Christmas shopping was done, I’m still looking for a way to replace that Christmas present, which is hard since it was such a good deal.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND BUYING FROM WALMART.COM ESPECIALLY ON BLACK FRIDAY OR CYBER MONDAY. Since I find it VERY hard for a 50" plasma t.v. to get "lost in transit".
Document entitled ‘Wal-***’.doc ....
First, know that I have a bit over ten years background in Shipping/Traffic/Distribution operations. I worked for a public corporation, and part-time at both UPS and RPS while in college.

This Wal-Mart logistical process is a horrendous joke or a terrible nightmare. Your choice. … On July 24, 2010 at around 2:30PM, we placed an online order. The website said I could pay $5 extra to get it delivered earlier, or use free ‘site to store’ for longer delivery time. Since the timeframes quoted both had a range of six days, and they over=lapped by three days. It seemed quite possible (I figured 50/50 chance) I could pay the extra $5, and still not get it before the free shipping. So, I went for the free-bee. I first noticed there might be trouble when their reply email showed an invoice date of July 30, 2010. Sure enough, they took until 7-30-2010 to hit my account. ROTFLMAO – what online purchase has anyone ever made that took a week to get billed? My local pizza place hits my account before they deliver it!

On 8-4-10, via their tracking page website comments feature I sent this comment:
Hi - Since your free Site to Store shipping had the same possible date of delivery as the (second level) paid delivery, I went for the free shipping. I have been tracking the rather snail-paced progress of this item.

Since making my order, I made an online search and found very, very
... Show more
David 13
I made the mistake of placing an order with Walmart through this "service" for a DVD they don't carry in stock since No-one else has it...

Placed order on 7/16/2010
and after waiting a couple of Days for a response Email, I get this:

Your Site to Store order is on time and should arrive between Wednesday,
07/28/2010 and Tuesday, 08/03/2010.

12 to 18 DAYS for delivery, that's Crazy!!!
Please don't even think about using site to store, IF you are ordering TIRES from walmart in this manner. My bad experience speaks for itself. Sunday, easter sunday, i arrived at the dunnellon, fl. store 960 to have tires installed that were ordered on site 2 store. Although, they already had the tires IN that dept. they refused to initiate an install, claiming i must go to site to store and 'clear' the order. The printout i showed to the dept mgr. Cheryl states precisely Item 2.Take this printout to express lube and Tire , along with photo ID, and we will complet your order. She curtly advised me, that this is not the way we do it here and sent me to site to store. There was NO one there, and after 15 min, and stopping every associate coming by, pressing the summons button the the register console, a lady finally shows up from the 'front' stating''' ITs gonna be a few minutes. By that time, i've lost first customer status and would have had to wait an inordinate amount of time. I left pissed, and went home and cancelled the order on my computer. When I looked at my wmt discover card, they had already charged me $182 for something i didn't even have yet. I immediately instituted a formal mailed in dispute and am awaiting outcome. I will no longer even shop in the store. Folks, there are many other choices, but walmart will not be among them.

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