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Multiple Issues!!! I ordered a Better Homes and Gardens Fire Pit from WALMART.COM on Monday 12/19/11 and receive confirmation #8228013-******.

On my drive across town to pick this up, I receive an email that my order has been cancelled because this item is not available. Why confirm it as SOLD in the first place? Tuesday 12/20/11 I go online an order again. I receive confirmation # 8228013-******.

I picked this up last night 12/21/11. The box looked damaged and had been re-taped together. I SPECIFICALLY ASKED if the item had been damaged and returned and was told by the cashier that the product was new. I get home late last night and check my email and notice I have been given a $10 credit for this item with no explanation for the credit.

This peaked my suspicion so I opened the box. The entire fire bowl is 1) missing huge chunks of black paint with exposed metal, 2) has a dent larger than a grapefruit, 3) is beginning to rust around the rim. ***DO WALMART HAVE A FREAKIN' CLUE?????"

This is supposed to be a Christmas present!!! I can not give a rusted, dented, piece of *** as a present!

I do not want a $10 credit, I wanted a new, undamaged fire pit! I would have never left the store with this second hand junk had I known I was buying damaged goods. I have now made two trips to Walmart which has cost me time & money. Now I will have to scramble at the last minute to find my Son a Christmas present because this is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

I will have to waste more of my time and money returning this to Walmart. This will be the third trip! I promise you whatever Christmas present I can find at the last minute will not be purchased from Walmart! In their effort to grab up every dollar they can into the greedy Walmart world, they forgot about simple things like honesty, integrity & disclosure.

How many Walmart Managers are going to give their family members dented, rusted & damaged gifts for Christmas??? How many other unsuspecting customers are unknowingly picking up broken gifts at their"Convenient" site to store pick-up? What a joke. I am posting this complaint on multiple consumer complaint boards so hopefully I can prevent someone else from falling prey to your bait and switch trickery.

I have taken multiple pictures of the "New" firepit which I am uploading on several consumer advocacy sites as well . What a joke.

I want everyone to see what Christmas means to Walmart....I have requested to speak with a Walmart MANAGER today re: this dishonest transaction. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT RATIONALE WAS MADE FOR THIS TRANSACTION & WHO THOUGH IT WOULD BE OK TO PASS OFF A RUSTED PIECE OF JUNK OFF TO AN UNSUSPECTING CUSTOMER FOR THE HOLIDAYS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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