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Item: Brother 25 stitch Sewing Machine

I ordered this product over 2 weeks ago and was supposed to receive it this past Monday.

It made it to the store (supposedly) and was never found, more of a disappearing act I suppose.

I called twice the first time customer service told me the item was at the store and I should be able to pick it up in a couple days. I called again today after not hearing anything back and was told the store has lost the item completely and that I get to wait A WEEK TO BE REFUNDED.

My advice to you:

Pay the extra money for shipping and get this item through amazon instead of possibly waiting several weeks like me to receive anything.

If I hadn't called them I would have never known my item was never going to come!!

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Yea you could do that but you also have a chance of getting lost in the mail with Amazon, I had no problem with my site to store and you would receive a E-mail confirmation if it Did come in!

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