Tucson, Arizona

Walmart Site to Store not worth it....Never do this....... You cant ever get ahold of anyone to find out why it is taking so long.... First and Last time using Walmart.com they send you from person to person wait for a manager on hold another hour what a waste.....NEVER NEVER order from WALMART.com I have had to call everyday for 5 days passed the date it was suppose to be in this is not the way to go....Never Never Never Never...Very unhappy with service....SOmething so easy took so long still no result and it was ordered 2 weeks.......

Monetary Loss: $20.

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@ Tasha - YOU ARE AN ***! Brad made his point and did not have to use the spell/grammar checker that you rely on! You want to judge a person's grammar, go teach first grade!


I agree, I ordered a slow cooker on august the 3rd got it on august the 24th. do not order anything you can not wait on. Amazon would have gotten it to me in week.