Saugus, Massachusetts
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I am just leaving Walmart. I have two issues.

One I purchased a sleeping bag the price clearly said 19.97 I get to the register and it says 24.97. She has an associate go and check and she says. Yes they were on the same row bit its in the wrong spot. Whose fault is that.

Not mine. Then we ring up my boxers they were clearly in the 9.97$ section there was a whole row of them and she said someone must have put them there in accident agime how is this my fault. This is at the Troy NY Walmart . Store 2470 I'm pissed!!!

I will not be back. I don't do foolishness!!

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So because a customer decided not to put the item back where it is supposed to be, you think you can get the price in the shelf they put it on. It was one item, if there were many of the same item you have an issue.

Grow up and stop trying to scam them because a customer had second thoughts about the items. You would not want someone doing the same to you.