Boonville, Missouri
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walmart really doesnt give a *** about the customers that come into there stores this is what happens when the spoiled rich kids take over but they dont care because there father put all of the other store we had a choice with out the door every time i go into this *** store the staff is so *** slow and thats the csm and other managers as well stay away from any walmart in this state and never go in to the store in Boonville Mo NEVER EVER go in to this store when you do go in to make a complaint and this is being nice about it they look at you like your *** because they KNOW that the are not going to get in trouble

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i forgot to mention this is an express checkout and i waited three minutes to check out it should take less than one mnute... three *** minutes is su *** slow and the dont get in trouble either for being slow, three minutes almost, timed it this time was two minutes and 44 seconds almost three, should be less than one express...