Worcester, Massachusetts
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Bought two "SMART TALK" phones at Walmart and of course also bought one "time card" for each phone totalling $90.00 dollars so the phones would have operational minutes on them. I found that the phones had very limited tower connection for my area and brought the phones back to Walmart.

Walmart refunded my money for the phones but would not refund the $90.00 spent for the "time cards" even though I only had the phones for three days and had used no minutes on one card and only about ten minutes on the other. Walmart told me I had to contact the people who issued the time on the cards and of course, the people that issud the time on the cards told me I had to contact Walmart.

Consequently, I was out the $90.00. Contrary to Walmarts TV ads about feeling wealthier after purchasing these "SMART PHONES", I feel pretty *** and $90.00 poorer!

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they chose a phone that uses a type of protocol that is limited in their area such as t-mobile supplies like GSM. they need to choose a phone that model numbers end in "C" for verizon if they want good coverage.


I love it when someone bashes an employee of Walmart, but can't get the name Straight Talk right. If you are going to complain about something, do it the right way. And just to let you know, I am also an employee of Walmart.


how do you expect them to refund minutes..? you should have done some research or asked how well the service was before just buying everything.

instead of being so cheap next time, go with Verizon or AT&T. or at least Sprint or T-Mobile.

plus it's Straight Talk.. not Smart Talk which is obviously something you can't do.


If I were you (And thank God I'm not) I would not be so proud to announce that you are in the employment of Wal*Mart. "People who live in glass houses should not throw stones"


If you took the time to read the card before buying it, you would understand that Walmart cannot refund it. Obviously, you can't read. See the comment from BigBruce

(BTW, I am a Walmart employee) :roll


I honestly never had any problems with my Straight Talk phone. I love it.


Walmart can not refund phone cards. Your fight is with Trac Fone. Next time make sure the carrier works in your area.


SMART TALK is not a wireless carrier. Of course you're not going to have service if you are using a made up wireless carrier.