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I bought an external Toshiba 3TB hard drive at Walmart.It was packaged as new, with the cable, power supply, etc.

When I plugged it into my computer, I noticed that it already had 67.7GB of information on it. When I looked at the directory structure, there was already some information on it, an automatic backup, labeled "Marty-PC." I explored into that directory, and found a LOT of personal information, including divorce filings, childrens' school information, a lot of personal pictures, and several *** VIDEOS. I called Walmart and talked to Customer Service. They said it was weird for this to happen, and they transferred me to Electronics.

The guy there said he had no explanation for it, but said that I could just reformat the hard drive for my own use, since it was mine and didn't belong to "Marty" anymore.He totally missed the point!

Monetary Loss: $120.


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Rapid City, South Dakota, United States #1223987

I bought a straight talk phone at Walmart and when I activated it, the sim card wouldn't register because it was expired.I just got it and didn't even get a chance to use it.

The lady at the 800 number said take it back, exchange it, then call them bk to get a sim card mailed to me.

In the meantime I'm not using the phone or the minutes I just added so I'm going to be shorted on the time I paid for also.Returning it tomorrow & hoping to have a working phone by afternoon.

Ham Lake, Minnesota, United States #1109940

Why does this keep popping up to the top? This "Marty-PC." hard drive has been making the circles around the internet. Scam.

It was obviously a returned unit sold as new.

I do not purchase ANY electronic that has it's seal broken, or the package even has a hint that it has been opened.






This is a rehashed message.A troll complaint.

I have seen the SAME complaint about Marty's hard drive for other companies.

Who is this Marty, and, how does he get around so much! lol.

I suspect this is to establish a precedent that the person is an innocent victim of an unfortunate circumstance. A nice dodge. It may have worked...



To dodge an accusation of having inappropriate or illegal material on the hard drive.Did the wifey find naughty things?

This post should be removed, and I have reported it as spam.


So go to walmart & trade it in for model of the same type, if it bothers you that much.

Ellicott City, Maryland, United States #909958

I bought an internet router from walmart while my satellite/internet bundle installer waited at my house to install it since I am completely technologically illiterate.After paying full price for the "new" router the installer discovered it was in fact "used" and had a locked personal code encrypted in it which could not be overridden without the password.

WALMART refused to accept a return on it because they said I had already opened the package and installed it.

Bottom line: WALMART SUCKS & do not buy anything electronic from them


If this story is true you should be thanking them for the entertainment that was on the hard drive rather than complaining to them. Don't go around pretending you did not enjoy the P O R N.

First Born Triplet

Pictures to prove that you had p0rn on your computer or it never happened.

to First Born Triplet #891458

u work for walmart?

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