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So I was at Walmart on Sunday morning and purchased the XBox One bundle package with Call of Duty. When I got home and opened the box, which was still sealed, there was no game, half of a power cord, no headset, and instead of an XBox One, there was a very old 360 console.

I immediately returned to Walmart to get my refund, and not only did they deny my refund, they also refused to allow me to speak to upper management. I even called corporate and was told that the store manager would contact me, however, I have yet to hear from him.

I also called XBox Customer Support; they were a little more supportive. I had the serial number flagged as stolen, but Walmart says since I can't prove that I didn't swap it out myself, then it's not their responsibility. I understand that there are various ways this could have happened, however, Walmart failed at so many points to prevent this that it's ridiculous. I WILL NEVER TRUST THEM WITH ANY PURCHASE AGAIN.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $534.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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This is actually a very possible outcome.. THIS IS WHY I RECORD MYSELF UNBOXING UNOPENED PRODUCTS..

As much as it is a pain in the *** It saved me once. I went to target to purchase a pair of Bose Soundsport Free Wireless ear buds.. (These retailed about $200 at the time) and when I got home and opened it.. NOTHING but the accessories..

I was soo pissed.

Thank god I recorded it though. Honestly even when recording it they look at you sideways but I told him I do this with ALL new products I buy because of *** like this..


So now it's 2017. What ever happened with your issue?

I'm having a difficult time believing you. WalMart inspects returns, and they certainly don't put xBox returns back onto their shelves, but that doesn't mean some person (employee or customer) could not have figured a way to do something like this. Or maybe it happened before it was shipped to the store, who knows. The fact that you claim the box was sealed tells us that even you didn't think the box packaging was amiss.

I wish you'd have returned to give us the final outcome. Anyway, there is a resolution for future purchases: Just have an associate open the box right there in the store, in front of you. And if you're purchasing as a gift, then you'll either have to give the gift without the shrinkwrap, or take your chances. If you think the recipient might wish to return gift, then have the associate mark the receipt as a gift receipt that is returnable even though it was opened (inspected) by the associate.

Now you have your opportunity to purchase the best deal AND have a guaranteed return receipt. AND, take a photo pf said receipt as back-up or make photocopy.


great idea I think I will have them open every boxed item I buy and get the gift return receipt- I hope this will not hold up all those people at Christmas- when this gets out that Walmart wants you to do this to protect your self- I guess that means more cashers up front


I purchased a very nice little Remington shotgun from Walmart when they'd decided not to carry firearms any longer. I had placed the gun in lay-a-way and went to get it out.

I took a look to make sure everything was copacetic and I noticed there was mud on the buttplate.

I pulled my receipt and compared the serial numbers.

This was not the gun I purchased. Of course this was the only one left.


This is why you should have bought it from microsoft direct...


You are an idiot.


I would report them to some united states federal agency i think maybe consumer affairs would do well with this one :) ............


Walmart only hires blacks and welfare people


That is the most discriminating BS I have ever heard. Which catagory do you fit in, Black or welfare? Considering you were fired from one.


That is the stupidest thing I heard in a,while. Some areas have more black people so that there are more employees that are black.

Some areas are white, Hispanic etc.

U are one ignorant person. Hope u do not have children to teach this attitude to.


You can tell hes a red neck expecally eith that name


Actually I think walmart the Chinese outlet is correct. They have no idea what you did, so your out of luck Charlie :(

On another note I am glad you got burned, because you bought it at Walmart.

You just put another American worker out of a job.

And lastly I don't believe you when you say you will never shop there again, you will.

You will go there time and time and time again, because of there cheap chit.


How did they "just put another American worker out of a job"?

They bought the item at an American store, staffed by Americans, with inventory trucked in by American truckers, in what would normally be an American made tractor trailer.

The game component was made oversea, just like the beef and a good portion of the poultry that those workers eat are "made in America". So your point seems sort of... pointless.


this is why I tell EVERYONE no matter where you buy it from Best Buy, WalMart. open it THERE in the store so you're on camera.

once you pay for it that is. and if someone questions you , tell them you're insuring it's what you paid for due to instances like this happening. depending on how well it was repacked there's times where you can't tell it's been repacked.

even with those hologram foil tape that breaks apart after they're unsealed they can be easily replaced by someone with patience.

so i'd keep on Wal-Mart since MS can flag that serial as stolen if/when someone tries to use it. hopefully it works out for you but you've now learned a valuable lesson.


I know that this was made on December 2nd but I do agree. Plus if anyone accuses you of stealing, just show your receipt.

Many times I have seen someone, even an employee open a box just to make sure of things. That's not stealing. I've seen an employee look up a receipt on the computer plenty of times. Those times were always the same guy.

It's a possibility that it was stolen before he bought it.

I don't know.


It's why I open all game consoles or anything that is likely to be theft returned right there before I walk out of the store. I've had the same *** thing happen to me.


thanks for sharing this

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What happened was someone bought new console and returned it with their old one, and keeping the new one. This has been happening for so long at least since ps1 ps2 probably longer.


you just got punked son. somebody bougth that xbox , then returned it after placing their old 1 in there.

Walmart just threw it back on shelf and you bought it. some kid somewhere is laughing his butt off. you just got schooled. you shuld go to the hardware dept.

and get a bottle of wood glue. go to the electronics dept and squirt some into all the computer drives and connection points , and any other electronics in the open.

Teach them a lesson. fluck wmart.

@master debater

That would certainly satisfy the redhead in me lol