Memphis, Tennessee
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Walmart sold us a used, damaged TV in a brand new box. Then when we brought it back, they refused to exchange or refund our money. The assistant manager implied that we were the thieves. He investigated further to find the receipt for when the damaged TV was purchased in 2009, along with the purchaser's name and credit card information. Then the next day he called to say they had investigated according to policy and he could not help us further.

We contacted his regional manager, who said to disregard his investigation and assured us that he would investigate it personally. After finding the same information, the regional manager said he had followed protocol and could do nothing more for us.

We did NOT steal, cheat, lie or do anything illegal, immoral or otherwise. This is unacceptable!

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Bring their attention to the indiana case where the woman bought a dvd player that had a *** movie still in the machine and her daughter saw part of was broadcast on wthi news.reselling used products is what they do with returns that aren't broken but they don't check them out either


If that's what I was doing, why would I bring attention to myself? I invite anyone to link that TV back to me!


I understand that some dishonest people out there would do this... but that's not the case. Why would I have had Walmart investigate if they would be able to trace it back to me?

By the new TN laws, if that's what I were doing, it'd be a felony. Obviously, I'm not in jail....


THis is the same thing that happened to me except it was a dell laptop. I spent over 5 hours trying to get the computer.

They had me and my dad plus a child going from walmart to walmart, sending us back and forth. 5 Times!. Luckily I got my money back and was able to buy a new one. It was passed 2 a.m.

:(, And I'm 17. I have the receipts as proof offcourse.

Hemet Walmart Supercenter and San Jacinto Walmart.


Ah... yeah ***.

That's the oldest trick in to book! Put your odl TV in the new box...


So the TV you bought 2 years ago stopped working and you decided that you would buy a new TV and try to return the old one in the new box? That's not going to fly.

I'm glad you were caught and denied any assistance.

If you want a new TV, you're going to have to pay for it like the rest of us. I hope you get banned from all Wal-Marts.