Walmart Sports, Fitness And Outdoors Department Reviews

My husband and I went to Walmart Maple Grove. After walking thru the isles looking for a associate.I finally found one over by the pharmacy. I asked her if she could call someone over to sporting goods. She did. after waiting more then 20 min. No one showed up. I asked a young man riding a skateboard around the store if he can find someone to help us. He said yes and went to the fitting room to get us some help. The young man was very helpful...
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Anonymous Did you ever stop to think that the person working in sporting goods may have been on their lunch break or been tied up with someone else? To keep prices down big box stores h...


LadyScot People always say they want more service, yet refuse to be willing to pay for it. Let the price of something in Walmart go up 5 cents and they have a hissy fit. How much do th...