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Austintown Walmart has the worst customer service around. Even their managers should be fired. To bad a brand as big as Walmart doesn't care how tgeir customers are treated.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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To K. Richards, Who cares?

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #981904

You do by replying back


Walmart sucks. Everyone knows it. Nuff said.

Orange, California, United States #975055

Reread your post that starts with "okay, now I know for sure you are a young child". (I added the comma that you forgot.) That post is where you will find your missing period that I supposedly made up.

By the way, there are many different anonymous posters here. Stop making ASSumptions that all anonymous posts are from the same person. By the way, "are you lying again or are you mistaken" is a question and should end in a question mark, and not in the nothing that you ended it with. You're welcome in advance for the advice.

Once again if you opened up your eyes you would see that those mistakes you claimed I made are all in your head.

If this is not the case you need your eyes examined. What is funny is the amount of lies you are telling us. You said you would not be replying back to me. You have replied twice.

You told me that I misspelled liar, that it is really spelled "lier" that is not correct. If you do not believe me check the dictionary. It is spelled liar. Since you lied about not replying(or were "mistaken"), how are we to know that were telling the truth about how the managers were doing a bad job.

For all we know you are lying or "mistaken" about that as well and the real reason you are angry is because you were told no.

That anonymous poster is you. It shares the same story about the oil change. It also has the same reply about you not replying back. It is obviously from you.

That sentence started with "I know I said I won't reply to you anymore." That was obviously from you because you said this. When I pointed out your misspelling of "liar" then you lied again and said you never made that post. I bet next you will be claiming you never made the review where you misspelled "their" Grow up. I agree with Matt your review does not provide an accurate view of what happened.

It is just three sentences full of spelling and grammars. When this is pointed out to you, you lie and make up errors which another person had not made. Go to your doctor and have your eyes examined. You are a total liar.

You said you would not make another post on her. Or are you again "mistaken". No one is making ASSumptions it is obvious you made that post and instead of admitting you misspelled liar you said it was another anonymous poster.


to KevinRichards #975201

You really are ignorant, aren't you. Yes, all the people on here named anonymous are the same person.

There's no way that multiple people have noticed all the errors you make while correcting others, it all must be just the one person, that certainly makes more sense.

Graduate high school with a passing grade in English and then we'll talk more. Until then, toodles.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #975351

Now you are a liar. You are claiming that "multiple" accounts are saying I made errors, yet the spelling style is the same as yours.

Are you lying or are you "mistaken" again? The person that is posting as anonymous is writing in a first person point of view. That first person point of view is writing about your experience. You are the only mentally retarded one that is seeing mistakes that are not there.

Why don't you make it past the second grade and then we will talk.

I notice how all the "anonymous" posters posted in the same time frame. If you are going to pretend people are on your side to make yourself feel better at least use your high school diploma you are "mistaken" about and use common sense and post a few hours or even a day later.

to KevinRichards #975213

What exactly are you going on about? Does your response even have anything to do with this post because I can't see how they go together. Maybe I missed something?

to KevinRichards #975415

You can't have a job. This as to be all you have time to do....

to statechick Orange, California, United States #981906

I see you posting here often, so same goes for you. My excuse is I am 16, WHAT IS YOURS. OH I get it, you get food stamps.


Wow, way to provide an accurate review with details and personal accounts. Oh wait, no. This is just three sentences full of grammar and spelling errors.

to MattD78 Orange, California, United States #975056

Be careful now he is going to go blind and say that you have misplaced commas and place them for you even though anyone can clearly see that the commas he placed were already placed by you. This little boy is a piece of work.

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