Albuquerque, New Mexico

The walmart off drake has the worse mangement. They are constantly out of the same products week after week.

The things they sell most they wAnt keep stocked and they keep ordering things already on shelves. They be stock stuff all in floor at 11 pm like their not open all night & stuff on crate be same thing on shelves cause i be looking for what I need. And their few workers been there with them for yeArs &they worker their buts off while you got some workers not been there few month & be so lazy standing around talking fussing about not having enough help to each other while the older workers should b ones fussing causing you not doing your job cause they talking to boys or each other & another thing is wonder why boxes pbe smashed they drop crate & boxes all the time ti the floor like there trying to run customers off. Ppl jump straivht out of their skin.

Next thing is price comparsion. They always saying now that they dont match prices if it says with card. And i argue every store in huntsville has with card these days and try to explain that other walmarts do it & they have nasty attitudes & say why dont i go there buy it & my respon is why dont i just do thT and go ahead just buy rest what i need at family dollar, i had some look at me & say do that. Thats why so many of your customers at drake store go else wheres cause employees & managers dont care if we shop there or not cause they gonna stand around &talk...

thats store is worse than any store but there are few older workers been there for long time i know my mom & I go every every friday &some of workers use to hate to see us at old store cause we was always there to clise but now that open all night i wined up having go to another store every time cause they dont know how to order stock for shelves. This is breaking edge when i gotten this fedup to look up & complain. My next opion is to start going somewhere else just sick of way they threat us when we reason why they got a job..

maybe you should visit your stores undercover late at night or period. Family dollar employees are very nice & they act like they happy to have our business.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Maybe you should learn English!!! Go back to mexico where you should stay!

Hopefully Donald Trump wins and builds that dam wall. Makes sense you shop at Family Dollar. Your complaint does not make any sense. BTW!

the old ppl never do *** at walmart....I know because I worked there. We complain because we do the work in an hour and it takes the old *** 6 hours to finish one pallet! Walmart should not hire anyone over the age of 50!!!! and fire all the old timers and put them in a home!!!


True business advice! they would make profit.


This post was a nightmare to read. Please please proofread your comments before posting. At least punctuate.


Hi anonymous , I am very sorry if you had a poor experience. I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about this further.

Would you mind giving me a call on my corporate line at 1-205-490-8515? Please ask for Prabha.

We'd like to make sure to address and resolve these concerns to your complete satisfaction. - Thank you, Prahba @Walmart


scam phone number, don't call


No offense but before you make a complaint, please learn how to spell and use punctuation properly. My head hurts from trying to read this.


Do you like picking on children? It is obvious that this person is a child.

The fact that they think that items can appear on the shelf with the wave of a wand proves this. If this person were an adult they would know that items do not magically appear on shelves, that sometimes the warehouse runs out.

Not only that sometimes the company supplying the product does not have enough manufactured. They would know it is beyond the manager's control, but being a five year old child, this person only knows how to throw a temper tantrum when thing do not go their way.