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Im pretty sure im going to get all kinds of negative on this, and thats what makes this country so great. We can say pretty much whatever we want.

Frankly i vould care less what the people rant about what our forefathers did to the natives. Because it was a cultural slaughter that involved numerous nationalities over hundreds of years all over the world. So save it for hostory class. I should not have to wait for a clerk who speaks in english in an Austin Texas Walmart.

I would put my money on this woman not having a valid social security number.

Im not waiting for anyone to come help me because i speak the native language. Which in this present day and age is primarily english.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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OK move to the French part of Canada, service people there give no *** if you speak English, in fact they would be offended that you dared not speak french to them. Plus I'm sure they laughed about you after you left.