Bar Harbor, Maine

I quit Walmart after a manager was aggravating and exploiting my disability. I filed a written complaint with the store manager and got absolutely no response.

I also filed a complaint with the Walmart Ethics Committee and shortly after doing so my payroll was reversed. My complaint is being alleged investigated, however it cannot be explained why money was removed from my account without my permission. They are in violation of the law knowingly and I think the most that can be done is to complete a wage claim form with the Labor Dept.

"Save Money, Live Better" is a great money. They save money on payroll by stealing your money which allows the CEO and his stockholder buddies to live better on his yacht!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Besides when you signed up for direct deposit you would have to consent to it


It is not them stealing your money, it is the government, and playing the disability card and claiming you were mistreated because you have a disability will get you no where.