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I have several complaints about couple of the walmarts I usually go to (derby KS & pawnee Walmart in Wichita)...its one of my favorite places to shop, not just for clothes but grocery as well. The lady's bathrooms are smelly and disgusting most of the time.

Their workers are slow as heck. Hire some more middle age instead of the young and elderly. Seems like they have more time to chit chat then assist. 2 lanes open when there are 25 people waiting at the line.

Well. Hello!!! Hire more employees to cover that area. Price matching, one associate tells you one thing, another tells you something else.

Dang it, LEEKERS bananas are on sale every Thursday, why do you need an add to match that when you did it while checkers was around, do it for LEEKERS too. There's hardly ever anyone around to help you get stuff out of the locked glass in electronics, an associates would say, "ill get someone to help you", but you ending up waiting for an hour. We literally left the store and ran to kmart to get a 32" flat screen tv.

Yes, its more but we had someone to help us when we needed them right there. That's all I have to say for Walmart for now.

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My guess is that you are nine years old and don't know how a business works, well if they hire more people they have to pay them, therefore they have to increase their prices, and ladies can be pigs too and keep the washrooms clean, what do you expect someone to stay in the washroom and clean up after themselves. Also the elderly are entitled to work as tell, they are slowing down because of age, your parents obviously should have monitored what you post because clearly you have no respect for the elderly.

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