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An associate tried to take my cart as I was leaving the store. Her excuse was, she didnt physically see me pay for it.

When did Wal-Mart start doing this? Most of my experiences with Wal-Mart aren't great and I refuse to spend anymore money with this company!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Saint Pauls, North Carolina, United States #994640

Sounds like you weren't trying to spend money with them then either. Did you have receipt? Not very detailed which leaves me to believe that you were more than likely shoplifting and mad now because you weren't as slick as you thought you were and got caught.

Elliston, Virginia, United States #994245

Your version of what happened doesn't make any sense.

Orange, California, United States #994165

If you were innocent you would not have an issue with this. You seem to be angry because you were trying to steal and she foiled your plan.

I doubt you will be missed.

There is a difference between a customer and shoplifter, they want to keep customers, you someone whom attempted to shoplift, they don't want to keep as a customer because it cost them money. Next time steal the way normal people steal and conceal your merchandise from the associates like the rest of us do while stealing from Walmart.

to KevinRichards Chantilly, Virginia, United States #994658

You again! Uggghhh!

I can randomly click on a posting and there you are. You are sad and pathetic, get a life. Get a hobby.

DO SOMETHING with yourself, for Christ sakes! There is more to life than trolling at this website!

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #1000734

If you don't like my opinion than don't read it, or don't have mommy or daddy read the big words for you. It is obvious this person were trying to steal and is angry they foiled their plans.

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