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My name is John Richards, my 12 yr old daughter & I were at Walmart Supercenter 1620 West Church Street, Livingston, Tx.77351 on Jan, 25-2015 about 2:35 pm.We were in line at the money center waiting behind one custermer.Let me remind you, we are (Black) also the custermer in front of us is Black also.A white couple walks in, the money center employee calls them up before us people in line, the employee is white also.We stepped out of line, located the two (Managers) that were on duty, they didn't handle the matter, they said they would speak to her after we leave.So I'm contacting Fox 26 News with this Racial Problem.Thanks John Richards contact #832-606-4533 email jr1956.jr@gmail.com

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It would be an HR violation for the managers to take action against an employee, in front of customers. It would also be a violation if they shared with you exactly what actions were taken.

Please educate yourself. Also, instead of being quick to play the race card, did you consider it was a simple misunderstanding? No, you assume racism because the employee was white. In other words, sounds like you pass judgment, based on that person's skin color.

Tell me again about racism?! I think you get my point.


all monkey to the back of the line.


Yeah you will be sued if you claim this was a racial problem. What is a shame is that you are now teaching your child to play the race card.

This is not a racial matter the white employee had no idea of who to serve first because she did not know who arrived first. Also the manager is not going to discipline her in front of you, especially if this is a misunderstanding, which is what it seems like, not a race issue at all.


Typical ignorant individual playing the race card.


we all the same race, human race


I agree with anonymous. How do you know that they didn't handle the matter?

Just because you didn't see it doesn't mean that it didn't happen. Managers should not yell at employees in front of the customers, that's not professional. That's not how you establish a good relationship at work. When you're an employer you want your employees to want to come to work, not quit.

A person your age should at least have some idea of how a manager should really act. Frankly, the fact that you said that just shows your true colors. You don't care about how others feel, just yourself. You want someone to feel sorry for you.

Get over yourself. There wasn't any reason to even give out your phone number.


Of course you are playing the race card. All you know is what you saw, you don't know whether or not there were extenuating circumstances.

That being said, anybody that plays the race card actually takes away from the validity of their complaint. When it comes right down to it there wasn't any reason to mention your daughter's age. You aren't as smart as you think you are, if you were you would know how to spell customer, you would know how to space in between sentences, and you would also know that as a whole managers don't reprimand employees in front of customers. You sound kind of like a spoiled little kid.

How much longer did this event make you wait? I bet it wasn't very long.


What do you expect with his spelling and grammar mistakes, black people are uneducated. There is nothing wrong with mentioning his daughter's age, but the fact that he mentioned he is black and used the phrase "let me remind you we are black" proves he likes to play the race card.


Post your address white boy and me and some brothas will be by to talk to you about a race card.


Sorry, but I have to laugh at this one. Troll or not.

It wouldn't happen even if Kevin did post his address. The thing about posting your number all over the internet is that not only could somebody have fun with that, but there's a lot of creeps about. There are many ways to get someone's address without them giving it.

I.E. the White Pages.