Houston, Texas
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Latoya at the wal mart in Katy tx treated my wife and children with extreme disrespect in front of other customers. We had complaint and she blew us off and refused to give me wal mart complaint number

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Oh the complaint was about other customer, my wife was discipling my child. My child wanted toy and my wife said no, and my wife slapped my child four times and and threatened to leave my child in the store, a customer told her it was abuse and abandonment and my wife sword at her, she compoained to manager about the customer and nothing was done customer was not arrested and my wife was told she would have to leave or tehy would call serutiy, found out they somehow got my wifes if address and police showed up and asked my wife if this happened she said yeah and police told her that this was not discipline and it is dangerous to leave a child in the store my wife only said that so my child would stop crying.


Who in their right mind would think they could yell and hit a child in a public place and get away with it? You deserve this, you ruined other people's shopping experience and you're probably ruining that child's life.