Kings Mountain, North Carolina
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Managers suck! They take way too long to assist.

15 people out side on smoke break with people standing in line looking for help. Employees dont know the area they are working.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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When you shop at a Walmart, you have to leave any expectations of good customer service at the door. Walmart hires marginal people that either aren't capable of delivering good service or just don't care enough about their jobs to do so.


You say that some of the employees don't know the area they are working. You are right.

I had to encounter this retard that did not know when the Pokemon cards would be coming in. Just because a person has down syndrome an you feel sorry for them does not mean you have to hire them. I applied several times there and was denied while this potato is working in the toy department and the retard did not even know when the pokemon cards would come in.

When I called her out for her incompetence the manager kicked me, and my brother and sister out of the store and my brother sided with him saying i was rude and I threatened to slug him one. I doubt this retard even knows how to count to ten or tie her shoes


You were denied employment because A. you were fired from Target B. you are an inbred, ignorant piece of trash that no one wants anywhere near their customers or employees.


This is a problem at Walmarts third shift goes to lunch all at the same time leaving only 1 person in the store the assistant manager leaves at the same time. Walmart in Kings Mountain wonders why they had a shrinkage of 100k in July 2016, well when you have an assistant manager who knows everyone including herself goes to lunch from 2:00 am to 3:00 am leaving only the csm ( customer service manager on duty who leans on the podium half asleep what do you expect, you dont have to believe me get up at 2:00 am and go see for yourself go shopping you will not find anyone in the back of the store but thieves.


What you need to do is mind your own Dam Business not trying to mind someone else's.Everyone deserves a break and I am so sure that their were other managers their to assist who ever needed assistance.You my dear are a *** Starter.Know one has to Kiss Your *** for your business meaning you can go elsewhere to do your shopping.Know one has to shorten their break time just to assist your Sorry ***.Plus you probably goes to Walmart every single day to complain about nothing.You should know the store inside out so therefore you do not need to be assisted you just want to keep up ***.Find something else to do with your time although I am so sure that that will be hard to do since you complain about every little thing.You are probably Old and Misable at home so you tend to go to Walmart every day and Bother the worker's their for know good reason other than you are a Pain in the ***.I am so sure that they love seeing you coming.I would Hide from your Sorry *** to.Stop being Noise and Mind your own Dam business and Also stop trying to cause problem's for other's.Walmart does not need your Money or You causing problem's for them on a daily bases.


You must be an employee you are in Texas this person is stating the truth about Kings Mountain Walmart, you dont live there your comment is nonsense your in Texas, the Kings Mountain NC Walmart, is poorly ran by the buddy system management ion every shift a massistant mgr., will complain to employees why is your vest dirty well very *** question Sue you send out to have professionally cleaned they a r e returned dirty as if not cleaned. The employees shouldnt go on break at the same time that is why your SHRINKAGE is so high there is no one minding the store, your assistants are asleep in their vehicles or on break also with the hourly employees, please for the sake of Kings Mountain go take a refresher course on management SKILLS.