Laguna Hills, California
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Arrived at your walmart store on tustin ave 4:30am after looking up 24 hr stores. Found store was closed w an annoyed customer outside stated your location hadnt been open 24 hrs in 3 months.

Commented to an employee walking into store that the store hr info on the internet does not match reality. I was told it was not their problem. I called westminster store on beach blvd...also advertised 24 hr no answer i then called la habra to inquire on store being open. I was hung up on several times by security guard before i could ask if they had full supply of griceries.

No wonder my family does not care for Walmart. They r too busy to update their non 24 hr postings n too busy to answer a customers inquiry of what is at their location i found the service to be down right rude and very unprofessional. La gabra service lack of n rudeness of so called security guard was ridiculous. I would be driving another half hr to get there n she couldnt even be bothered woth answeing a question.

I will be sure to let the store manager know of their poor service when the store finally opens.

Guess i will go back to my old ruitine n shop at Real Grocery Stores. Kiss my A Walmart your customer service really sucks !!!!!!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Oh grow up, don't blame them for the website being wrong, you took your anger out on the wrong person, hope karma hits you and someone takes their anger out on something that is not your fault.


I too have had the same experience!!! Its ridiculous that they cant even update their hours.....

Hey Walmart do you think its COOL to have your customers come to your location in the middle of the night expecting your store to be open.....only to find that it is not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what if it was a dire need for medicine for a sick child and now that parent must find another store that is open, wasting all that time as my child suffers!!!! IT'S RIDICULOUS !!!!! WHAT THE *** IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE.........

IT'S A SIMPLE FIX ........... FIX IT !!!!!

MY GOD!!!!!!


Over-dramatize much???


It is a simple fix...

For the employees that control the website.

No store you go to has an employee that has even the slightest control over what the website does and doesn't display.

It's all corporate. Find the 1-800 number and please stop making our jobs hard.