Lumberton, North Carolina

This complaint is regarding store 4601 Ramsey at. Fayetteville nc.

We are a group of individuals that have been followed by the loss prevention guy cause of our skin. If your gonna hire a loss prevention guy make sure there not racist and want call u out your name as in there n word. This guy was very rude and just hid behind stuff acting like nobody could see him. Tall guy wears glasses and black hair and a scrappy face.

He needs to be fired he's rude, inconsiderate and calls people out there names.Never stole from

Walmart, but he follows wrong people around.Once or twice we have told him about white people that was actually stealing and he brushed it off.

He's a racist, don't be doing his job, do more flirting and touching with girls. He needs to be fired and hire people that's not racist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Quit stealing stuff and you won't be followed - LOL


I feel like people who pull the race card have low self-esteem.


From your language in your post (call you out your name, don't be doing, touching with the girls (?), I can see why he followed you. If you're shopping in a group then shop, go on about your business, and don't pay him any attention. It's when you walk out the door without paying for something that you'll have problems.


Not the race card again! You must be doing something for him to be watching you.

Trying to deter him by pointing out other people you claim are stealing isnt going to change that.

Not every single thing in life is about color. Stop acting suspicious and he wont follow you.