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The auto service was by the worst. First of all, there was color discrimination from a lady at the front desk, Angie.

I was standing at the counter & she looks over me to call the person next in line & when I said something to her, she says it was because I didn't say anything.

Mind you, I never got the chance & it's her job to help the customers, the mechanics were just hanging out on their phone instead of getting to work, They've managed to take above an hour to do a few minutes job. Everyone works extremely slow & with a dull attitude.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Orange, California, United States #973334

This has nothing to do with your being black. This has something to do with your not speaking up.

You are the one with attitude.

Perhaps they have a disability that makes them slow? You are discrimination yourself by making an issue if this is the case, yet you have the nerve to make a false discrimination claim.

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