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I worked at the mineral wells store for a total of 5 days. I was hired as a connections specialist.

I spent 90% of my time out off my assigned areas because of *** poor management. They can't hire enough people so they make other associates do jobs they shouldn't be doing. So I walked out Monday after being assigned to 4 separate departments in 5 hours. I'd had enough.

Wed I was called by HR and asked to come speak with a manager. Keep in mind I'd already left, turning in my name badge, vest, and other equipment. So I go in thurs to talk to a manager and he says...."You left so we fired you." How exactly do you fire someone who doesn't work there anymore? Childish.

How about you guys hire managers who properly train employees and that can retain current ones?

How about hiring just associates not assigned to any area since they pull you every 5 mins anytime they have a task nobody else will do? I could manage better in my sleep while drunk after a car accident.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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