Houston, tx cutten and fm 1960 store. Extremely ryde associates.

Ine if whom I didnt catch his name tapped forcefully in my back in aisle 15 telling ne to back up as another associate attempted to show me boxes of cigarettes to see what I want. Then later I went to grab a basket to carry a large screen tv in and an associate by the name of rahi insisted I go to the opposite end of the syite instead of grabbing one of ten in front of me.

My a wife refuses to go there because a checker was so rude they brought her to tears. March 5, around 22:09

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What exactly happened? You sound drunk.


Get an education. Where is the opposite end of the syite?


Oh for heaven's sake you and your wife have to grow up. If your wife was brought to tears because she thought she was treated rudely by an employees she is too immature to be shopping anyplace unless here parents are with her. Actually from your poor capitalization, and spelling I wonder if you are old enough to shop without your parents help.

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