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I sent a complaint in yesterday. My name is april bennett.

I work for attorney david nelson state bar # 117622. I have a complaint against the willows walmart. The police were called because a store stalker or watcher said he saw me put things into my purse. And yes he did but it was my keys phone a few times and shopping list.

I had some things in my purse i did not have a reciept for and ive seen this man every time ive been to walmart. I need this to go away. I have a court date for march and i do not think i should have to go. If you do nothing i will file harassment complaints against the man who says he saw me and walmart.

There is no video and because i work for an attorney i will tell everyone in the small town i live in that they need to stay away from walmart. If they go they may pick up a charge like i did.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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In WalMart review #11 you claim he showed you the tape(s) of you stealing. Now your saying there are no tapes?

No footage? You're even so bold as to say the footage was doctored.

Get your story straight or you won't have a case. No court will believe you if they find both of these reviews.


No my friend is a lawyer, not a doctor. I never said my friend is a doctor, and there was not tape where the crime was to take place, they edited it there is no camera in the section where he saw me put my keys in my purse and my cell phone as well and the items he said i stole were there from before but i may have made a mistake and either put something else in that was not paid for but that was mistake.

i did not know that the items were tere until he told me to come with him and i explwineed i thought they were mine and he did not believe me, he said i did it on purpose and he made his own tapes cause there is no camreas in tat area. how can he have proof when there is no camrea?