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Me my spouse youngest daughter and Grandson went to Walmart today to shop for a few things !my grandson was warm so i took off his spiderman snow suit , me and my daughter wanted to go look at cosmetics and my spouse and grandson went to shop else where in the store...i picked up a few items sanitary wipes for woman and boost drinks for myself , my daughter gave me her bag to hold on to while she went looking for her Dad i went to check if they had leather ciats in for women and they didnt so i checked through a check out still holding on to my daughters bag and grandsons jacket and pants which i dropped his spiderman hat so i stuck it in the sleeve of the coat , then left walmart which i was met by a man and woman outside of walmart stating that I have something that wasnt payed for .the man didnt tell me his name or anything but said he seeing me put the hat in the sleeve of the coat , which i dis so i dont drop it again , this coat was bought over a week ago and i didnt have the receipt on me at the time .but they also said my daughter handed me something as well and i said yes her bag which contained lotion and cosmetics . By this point i ask if i can call my family that are worried about where i am or why im in the store so long .

Thean let me use the phone i phoned my cell phone and told my daughter that they have me in a back room under suspension of shoplifting , my spouse and daughter suddenly showed up and i tryed talking to my spouse . They told them they werent allowed back there and had to wait out side . I stood up trying to talk to my family when the guy in the store grabbed me by both arms and were twisting my wrists i ask him to let go but he wont , managed to free 1 arm but with his free hand he pushed my head back with his free hand , so i ask him to let me go and he wont , by this time my spouse had to grab both of his hands to get him to let go of me . I left the store with a sore wrist and neck .

As i was walking to our truck my spouse got attacked outside of walmart by the same man he thru my spouse on the ground and was trying to provoke my spouse to fight him , and my daughter trued to video this but the woman with the man tryed slapping my daughters phone out of her hand several times while her Dad was getting assulted in New west minister today ! What a nightmarish day today at that store , when i got home i phoned the RCMP but they didn't even get statements ftom any of us and said im charged with shoplifting , omfg !

We dont even have rights and while we got assulted as well .we couldnt even charge them whats so ever ! Nor did they bring back my grandsons winter wear so done with walmart i do have a lawyer and want to file a law suit against this walmart , id never shop any walmart again EVER !!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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