Riverton, Utah
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The cashier didn't put in one of my purchases in the bag. When i called in later to pick it up, they were rude and basically told me to f off because it was "late" (11 pm).

Now I have no purchase and less money. Worst store ever, this is why people go to Target now.

If they are like this tomorrow when I try to get my stuff or at least void the amount, the city police will get in on this. Terrible service both from cashier and the guy on the phone Smh

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I am not three, and yeah they returned the item, and they said she was not rude that she poligely told me the store was closed so i had to come in tomorrow which is today, but you to are being rude to me and if you don't stop I will report you to the police for cyber bullying. they gave me my stuff and only said sorry they should have given me a gift card and if they don't i will report them to the police for bus fair since i had to take the bus to get there.


Yeah right-report everybody you disagree with or posts something on a website named pissedconsumer.com. Laughable and pathetic conduct.

Get back on that bus and get a life. FYI- most Walmart Supercenter stores are open 24HRS and don't close at 2300 (11:00PM) Please go right to the police and see how happy they will be with you wasting their time. I suggest you speak with the store mgr or district mgr if necessary next time.

Whenever I had a problem at Walmart-it worked for me. Nobody forces anybody to do business with Walmart or any other company.Shop elsewhere dipstick:-)


*** review. Walmart may not have the best customer service at times.

However, I highly doubt an employee actually told you to f off. I will do that now f off and get a real life.

If you dislike their service, take your business elsewhere dipstick. Calling the police on that Walmart store is highly unlikely to get anything resolved for you, besides your wasting their time and maybe getting a ticket for filing a false report.