San Jose, California
Not resolved

Walmart at Saratoga Avenue in San Jose CA

Really mad because the cashier told me to go to the end of the line because she will not help me until she finished the last customer because I had wic cupons and it will take longer to help me. I think this is discrimination matter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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First of all, how do I know you are even telling the truth about working? You LIED when you said I was the customer in line behind you.

I questioned you about this lie, and you have not replied back. If you are going to lie and say I was the customer in line behind you, how am I to now you are telling the truth about having a job? It does not matter if the children are foster children, or adopted children, you have no right to be a parent if you cannot afford to even feed yourself. Also you have a lot of nerve talking to someone that pays to feed you like this.

I live In California, my taxes to to feed you and those children you have and you have the nerve to talk rudely to me. Have you no shame. I see you have none because you continue to bash me. Also since you were lying when you said that I was the customer behind you how do I know you are not lying when you said you did not cut in line.

I notice you have not answered my questions as to your own lie about my being the person behind you. You are pathetic, and learn the meaning of racism before posting, racism is bashing someone for their race, not because they keep taking in children whom they cannot afford. You have no business having children, whether your own, adopted or foster if you cannot even afford to feed yourself. Also liar you did say maybe it I that was behind you in line.

I have respect for women, not those that have children when they cannot afford them. I am not bashing you because you are a lady, I am bashing you because you bash those that pay to feed your child, which shows you have no dignity or shame, and you spend money on the internet when you could be spending it on feeding your child. You are a disgrace to the human race and should not be allowed to adopt, foster children until you are able to afford to do so. Then again we don't know if the children were fosters or adopted since whenever you lie you make up another lie and your story does not match the original story.

You want respect, get off WIC, and stop using tax payer money to feed your children. Better yet, give those children up until you can afford to feed both yourself and your children.

Stop crying discrimination or racism when things don't go your way. In other words grow up and stop acting as if you are five years old.


I do have a job, but also I do quality for the week program, and I don't see any problem with it. Do you?


First of all being on WIC, obviously makes you feel you are entitled to things. This is not discrimination.

You simply cannot cut in line. You should be ashamed of yourself, accusing them of discrimination just because they would not allow you to cut in line.

Get a job and stop spreading your legs. You are not entitled to cut in line.


I did not cut any line I was on line way before with the same cashier and no other customers where there the cashier was really rude and wanted me to go back to rhe shelf to grab something else intead of senting someone to get it for me like others stores do that for the clients. She kept my other items and the cupons and when I came back she had my items to the side and didn't wanted to help me when I was the first one on line way before even the customers that the cashier was help at that time (maybe it was you) and you weren't there since the very beginning that's why you didn't know the whole history.