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Walmart osceola parkway, kissimmee, fl. What a bunch of lazy, rude staff members.

Dont bother going to this store they treat customers like dirt, female staff threaten customers when asked a question as simple as "can l get assistance please". The response was billigerant and very rude to say the least, in fact the attitude from this female staff member was so mind blowing police should have been called to arrest the walmart associate as she cussed me out and threatened to beat me up, for what asking politely for assistance. I asked a male walmart associate, he was not much better with his response " l dont know, its not my problem not my section to work" and he walked away. Goodness sakes does no one care to provide customer service now days, if this is the case give me selfcheck out and robots please, so l can avoid being abused, insulted, and embarrassed by substandard walmart staff with bad attitudes, lazy, and foul mouths that threaten old ladies.

I really cannot fathom why, how, or when this community turned upside down that we accept poor public displays of harrasment, threats and bad customer/communication skills(lack there of). In my time everyone was treated with kindness, a smile, and customers valued, l feel that as time moves on custimer service no longer exists.

Bring on self service, computer q & a centers and be done with human interactions in stores, l certainly would embrace that more than being abused by ignorant walmart associates.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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