Santa Ana, California
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Was a excellent employee at Walmart. Had known couching made a mistake and for got to scan a idem that i bought.

I have paid for the idem since. It happened on new years day. They waited a week before letting me know. If they had tod me on that day i would have paid.

I have even taking anything before.

But they didn't believe me. I have Lost almost everything because of this iall i want is to let u know I do not steel snd dislike anyone thst dose

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Excellent employees don't steal. If you didn't scan an item that you left with, then you stole, whether it was an accident like you claim or not, which I certainly don't believe if it happened more than once. No one should have had to tell you because if you are old enough to work you are old enough to know that taking things from the store that you didn't pay for is wrong and illegal.


Oh they sayd that i steeled from them before there were four times when i steeled from them and did not pay for the item, but they never told me until l left the store and a weak leter, they said they watched me on camera and i did ti on pirpose all those times but i did not i hate thiefs and people who steel. they just want to fire lots of people cause it is not buzy and are ysing this as example.


Sorry to hear that. It can happen very easy.

Just take what you learned and make it a positive. Don't be too hard on yourself.


That's happens to a lot to employee's there at walmart. Sorry to hear you lost your job

That sucks, big time