Newbury Park, California

I was at store in wytheville va and it was 11 pm but there had to be over 100 ppl in line getting groceries and only two lanes open and self lines closed I waited over one hour for two ppl to go thru w a ton of groceries Bc first of month and I was so mad when I heard one of wmployees say one of the cashiers had to b off on weekends or near the first that makes customers wait to get thru line too long and I would have shopped elsewhere but needed cat food nowhere else open that Time of night and this is at any walmart I've been to in virginia needs more workers very badly

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Have you heard of this thing called a comma, or the other thing called a period?

Look into it.


Some people have certain availability. So what if they aren't available on that day?

This person has a life. Deal with it.


I understand being mad about having to wait in line when there were only a few registers open (eventhough that is to be expected) but why would it make you so and to hear that one cashier had to have weekends off? Walmart employees do have lives and that cashier's personal reasons for needing weekends off is nine of your concern and didn't have anything to do with your situation.