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I have been seen this behavior for the last two years. whenever i buy a lot of small priced items, lets say 30 or 40, I will almost always be charged for three to 10 extra items. they usually are low priced items, but still add all the way from five up to 15% of your total purchase. I complained about this, about one year ago, and i got the "mistake" corrected, but I eventually had to stop going to the store because the attitude i noticed from management and security of the store. things like checking your receipt and items when i left the store; even when the rest of the customers were not been checked. It didn't matter if i bought one or 25 items, they always made sure i understood, i wasn't welcome in the store anymore.

I have to ask myself if this is methodical, or there are just to many mistakes at the registers.

By the way, the mistakes always on favor of the stores, never the other way around. Intriguing, isn't it? But understandable, you know? The bad economy and stuff. Tough times we are living, aren't we?

PS this phenomenon isn't happening in just one store, i have been checking most of the stores in the central valley, in California, same mistakes.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Odds are the mistakes are nothing more than register/cashier mistakes. Plus an added apathy of cashiers not checking to be sure things are ring up right.

Bad, but not intentional.

Cashiers have no incentive to be overcharging customers, there's more opportunity for getting in trouble and nothing to gain. If for some reason they were being instructed to do that, it would be scandal all around (and cashiers would probably realize that there's lawsuit money to be made, which is why I HIGHLY doubt that would be occurring.)