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May 15th i ordered a $35 Boost Mobil Air Time Card on Walmarts website. Used Pay Pal Account and it was an e-Gift Card to be delivered to me ..

The card was sent to me to a very old email address Walmart had in their records. I have no access to that email and havent had for over two years. My new email address is the one that my Walmart account is under so i ASSUMED it would get there..i looked back at the order and it didnt ask for recipitents email so it dedaulted to an old one?..anyway thats not the mail issue.. so i did what anyonen would do i called Walmart...(my paypal account was already xharged for $35 actually $37 dont ask why..

nowhere was tax charged and SUPPOSEDLY there were ZERO FEES.. anyway .that was only the beginning of my problems. Obviously i am a complete *** bexause i figured rhat Walmary could see the pin code on the Boost Mobil card had not been used, tell Boost to void and send another, or more logical would be ro forward it to proper email address... .After a lengthy conversation with WallyWorld ,walmart , they said i had to call Boost Mobil that they would have to issue another one...Of course it sounded odd since Boost already sent Walmart the card , except when i thought about it since walmart sent it to the wrong email where it will never be redeemed then tbe $35 stays in walmarts pocket, and sits in the 'we make a million dollars a month in delayed payment funds' account., ..

But I called Boost as instructed and they said absolutely not , that i had to call WallyWorld and they would issue me the pin code on the card or send it to the correct email address...His name is Oscar P in the accounting dept. So i called WallyWorld back, for the second time and after 2 hours they ended up saying the same thing..That they had NO WAY of getting the pin code from the card that it was sent to the registerd email address and i would have to call Boost it was up to them to issue another one. Welk i thought that i needed to show them they were wrong, that the email adress was long ago taken off the account and they xould see the addess now has had hundreds of transactions and the old one ZERO transactions. After another 45 minutes on this subject the operator said that was an online issue and she couldnt help..

Finally i gave uo got back on the issue at hand only to end up withel the aame answer that I had to call Boost. I tried to explain to her i had done all this but that was all.she was done... I called Boost Mobil back only to get the same response. Now after a cooling off period i called and MIRACULOUSLY gave me the pin code from.the card.

..I went to the Booet Mobil Site entered the pin code in and it was INVALID. I want you to know that this entire issue i am writing about has not been exagerated one letter.. this is exacrly what happened.. i am not going to continue because now you may get what i mean by saying on the EIGHTH CALL ON MAY 20 i FINALLY got Boost on a 3wayCall snd the Boost guy said OK that pin code is good and he would credit it to my account and restore my service for another month..I thanked both of them and hung up..Five minutes later i got an email crom Boost saying the pin code was INVALID and i should contact walmart to give me another one..

my question is how do you define the word.CUSTOMER SERVICE...does it mean try and help the customer by resolving the issue even if it means spending a.few extra minutes, especially after the gentlemen has called over 8 times in the past 6 days with the same problem? or does it mean, get this guy off the phone because he is lying, he got the email and is trying to scam us, and i really dont care about his $35 or his phone service, and WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE its the other company...

It doesnt matter now because i lost way more than you can ever imagine..i missed the 2 calls confirming my 3day job in Los Angeles that would have paid get thru the rest of this month..missed them, missed the job .I DONT HAVE $35 to buy another card.....i hope that none of the 19 people i talked to ever have to go thru something like this but if you do you may know how it feels.. sincerely me..another victim..

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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