Doylestown, Pennsylvania

My daughter took her piggy bank to Walmart to get dollar bills for her $12 in change(mostly quarters). Realizing that a retail store nerds change I would think they would gladly do this. But NO!!!!

Big bad Walmart charged my 10 year old $3!!!!!!!

What a rip-off!!! So much for small town friendly! We spend hundreds of dollars at that store and they charge children to make change!!!

Please keep Walmart from out of your town since they force your fellow citizens to close their shops and pay their employees pitifully. My friend that works there talks about their "*** and greedy managers."

We will now boycott this store at all cost"

Monetary Loss: $3.

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This is why we can't have nice things.


i would say it depends on the situation she exchanged it. if she used a machine like coin star then yea i see why there was a fee.

however to just ask for her change at a till (is annoying if i may add) but a part of their job. why werent you there with your daughter to cash it in, and if you saw a charge why not bring your concern to managment?


The next time I go to walmart I'm going to get buy something that is 12 dollars and take my can of change and pay with nickels, dimes, and pennies. :) :grin

Sara L
@walmart ***ks

And guess what ***? They will be perfectly within their rights to NOT ACCEPT IT!!


Ma'ma/Sir find you something to do with your extra time outside of messing with Walmart.I would like to state that you have no more sense than a ***.Why?Would you not roll the change in coin roller paper and take change to bank for dollar bills.I guess you did not think about that huh!When your child grows up,I shall hope and Pray they have more sense than you do.


Crissie,Simon,nikalseyn,anon-SD & sessa, You are all hateful heartless heathens.



Other than theft from Minnesota, these comments make me wonder how old these professional responders/repliers are.

No one on earth would believe that your child was treated fairly except these dweebs who have posted ridiculous comments about your problem on this site.

First, don't believe any of them. These are people whose job is to run you down, along with every other complaint on Don't take it personally. People are getting more accustomed to this site and most are aware of their purposes.

Second, if any of them had any children (considering any of them were child bearing age) you would never hear them acting/reacting this way.

Don't even give this a second thought. These people are bogus.


That is a form of stealing it is NOTHING like cashing a check. Which is covering the amount of the check and the processing fee for the check.

The child was just exchanging the exact same amount of money in change for bills. What a bunch of FF,...



When will people realize that retail stores are not banks. They are in no way obliged to give whatever change you request regardless in what form you give them.

If you want something specific, your local bank will be more than sufficient. Wal-Mart applies a service, and therefore, they will charge you for it.


How is that stealing? They offered a service for a price.

Your daughter was free to reject the service and take her money.

I don't think stealing means what you think it means. Nice drama, tho.

John N

You are supposed to exchange coins for dollars in a bank, not a WalMart---they are not a bank.


What it amounts to is that they charged your daughter, the same way they charge people who cash checks there. You should have expected that.

My developmentally disabled daughter saves change until she gets a sandwich size baggie full and then she takes it to the bank located in WalMart, which is where we bank, and gets it converted to bills. She usually ends up with between $12.00-15.00. No store needs a piggy bank full of loose change to have to separate into proper sections. They have better things to do.

Whoever heard of carrying their piggy bank into a store.

Stores get their change in nice rolls, so that they don't have a bunch of loose change.

Sara L

Clearly you have never worked in retail if you think a store needs a piggy bank full of change. Walmart is not a bank, why on earth would you not get her coin wrappers from YOUR bank or take it there. Since when is Walmart, any other retail store obligated to take that much change?