Overland Park, Kansas

I worked for walmart for 3 yrs. I had a payroll deduction taken out of my paycheck to pay a bill.

They took it out and I have the check stubs to show it. However they never sent it to the person they were supposed to. They said they did but the debtor never showed it be transferred. I was sued by the debtor and ended up paying it myself again.

The first time I was taken to court The debtors lawyer looked at my paycheck stubs and said ok case closed but I still owed them 47 cents. I paid them the 47 cents cash. they said they would go after walmart for the money removed from my paycheck. Couple months later walmart denied taking the money out and said I was wrong even though I had my check stubs.

About a month or two later I was again sued by the debtor for the unpaid money. I paid them to get them off my back and went after walmart to get my money back they took. Now since I no longer worked for walmart they refused to talk to me. I contacted payroll directly and was told that they could only deal with a store manager or personell manager.

Store where I had worked refused to talk to me or help me with this problem. I don't advise anyone to work for Walmart. I had made it up to a management level and was promoted thru the ranks from a cart pusher all the way up to receiving manager within 3 yrs. I was told I was store management material and if I went to college they would promote me to a assistant manager.

yeah right.

Walmart lies to its employees and steals from them also. If you did that to Walmart then they would put you in jail but it is ok for them to do it.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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:upset I just started work last week and got paid today. They paid me for 12hrs insted of 14.5hrs ind they didnt even pay me for this full week. bastards!!!!!


Contact your District Attorney’s office, in addition to your States' - "Workforce Commission". If you’re in the right, you’re in the right.

Stand up and make an example of these thieves! Better yet, call your local TV News station and let them air this problem you’re having!

THAT ought to get Wal-Mart's attention! :p Good luck :)