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My daughter, a student, purchased a laptop on site to store 02/09/14. The online track your order stated that it would be ready @ 1829.

(We had checked on it earlier , about an hour before that time..thinking, well, maybe it's ready? We were told, "No it is not ready yet." Okay, we're early..) We checked again online @ 1930, We had not received an e-mail, or a text message but thought, well the site says it should be ready? We were told @ this time, that the laptop/order was "returned"?? What do you mean?

We waited all day long! (Sunday night, assignments due..Of course, tonight!) I asked to speak to a manager, I didn't understand? (My daughter's card, has been charged 318.86 and she doesn't have any merchandise!)" Well, that can take a few days.." 02/10/2014 I began calling...40 minutes trying to get through to district manager, they apparently go home @ 15:00? Because they did not answer after that.

So, I called customer service who advised me that I needed to call the # 1-800-966-6546 where I was advised that Walmart cancelled the order @ 09:48...TODAY!!! (and her card has still not been credited!) Ictura advised me that "It's her bank that refuses to reverse the charges! Now, I may be slow, or naive, but that just doesn't make sense to me! We will be following up and contacting the bank...But let me tell you, dealing with Walmart was a nightmare, and a learning experience as well!

I will not shop there again. The employees were rude, I did NOT get ANY APOLOGIES!!! And my daughter learned something, too. How NOT to treat people.

(and she continues to have a 318.86$$ charge on her card, so! She can't go and purchase a much needed laptop. So, she also knows frustration, fear of falling behind in her courses, and somebody gets to use her hard earned money! Unfortunately, the money these people make is making them MONSTERS!

(to their employees as well as their customers!) Sad. Very sad.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $319.

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Seems like a customer that Walmart can really do without. No understanding of how transactions actually work......

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