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I took my car in for an oil change Thursday Dec.29th at 1pm. I had my son with me and was not so focused on hiding all my belongings as I usually am.

The GPS navigation system which cost me over 350 dollars just bought last christmas, was sitting in the front passenger seat. I had a sudden laps of thinking and for some reason decided to trust in these people. Needless to say when I came to collect the car it was gone. As expected nobody saw nothing.

Manager wouldn't check the video until some specific person came back who is on holiday break. The mechanics say they never saw it. I filed a police report, the cops were nice in Katy but couldn't do much else. I felt violated and once again lost my faith in humanity, the fact is, you cant trust anybody, sure its my fault, but I guess it being christmas season I thought I would get away with not being robbed in the walmart lube and tire.

Walmart ofcourse has a disclaimer saying they are not responsible for any stolen items, so even if they could find who did it, they really don´t care. Now I need to find a new one.

Its one thing after another with that megastore, most of the time things are priced higher than what they say and quality sucks. I am boycotting wal mart, they are just a bad company, destroying middle america and small business anyway.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

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Kirbyville, Texas, United States #430474

You two talk about stealing, but don't forget that you did steal the car. Clearly one of you are old enough to drive because if you were you would know not to leave your valuables in your car.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #430472

Actually to the people who keep replying. I just found out that my son was playing with my GPS and dropped it and broke it.

He was scared to tell me. I did found it two weeks later under his bed. Since he is 13 he will be doing chores for the neighbors to pay it back. He thinks the punishment is unfair since he got a lecture form the police as well.

What I am angry about is not the fact that he broke it, but that he tried to hide his what he did. If he broke it and admitted to me on the spot then I would still expect him to replace it but would only have charged him half of what it cost.

I thought I would update you on this.


It just happened to me yesterday too, not at Walmart. But it basically ruin my Valentine's day.

I brought my car in to this place I know for 1 year, thought I could trust them, not knowing I had to take away valuble stuff when I leave the car with someone (*** me)...when I picked up the car, I found that someone went through it...stole value of $700 of goodies (GPS, Dior Sunglasses $350 wasn't on sale, 2 big bottles of brand new perfume that I plan on returning, charge of $50 and a leather bag....oh, and they even took this bag of clothes that I plan on donating!)

I am more upset about myself, for being so dumb and did not even thought of taking anything out.


First of all it is NOT your fault. Your car, your GPS, thus no one has any right to it. They stole it, not you.

Second, file an insurance claim for loss of personal property if you have this coverage on your policy.

Third, never, ever go in to WalMart for anything.

Fourth, you might consider changing your own oil or at the very least, go to a reputable place to have it done---not WalMart, for goodness sake. They are scam artists and crooks---as you found out.

Fifth, never pay more than $200 for a GPS---and that is for one that includes free updates yearly!!

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