Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

In October 2013, I had my prescription filled at Altus Walmart Pharmacy. I had a 6 month prescription.

I went to get my refill in November and was told they no longer give out more than 1 months supply of this medicine because of a new law in Oklahoma. They did NOT tell me this when I went to get my prescription originally filled in October; if they would have told me that then, I would have sent off for my prescription using my mail order pharmacy service to get my entire prescription filled. But instead, I used a local business thinking it would give them money. BIG mistake on my part.

From now on I will ONLY use my mail order pharmacy, instead of giving Walmart pharmacies my business.

When I complained to the Altus Walmart Pharmacy about this issue and asked them to give me back the prescription for the rest of my 5 remaining months supply so I could use my mail order pharmacy or transfer to my local Texas pharmacy, they refused.

They ripped me off and stole my medicine!! From now on, I will let everyone I come into contact with know that Walmart Pharmacies steal people's medicines and is corrupt.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Prescription Refill.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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They did the same to me. I had 4 refills.

Wish they would've said something before.

It's just Walmart pharmacy not other pharmacy. And it's a pain to go back to Dr


Once you fill and purchase a prescription at a pharmacy they are required by law to keep the original prescription for filing and auditing purposes. Otherwise it looks like they just decided to give you meds just because instead of having the doctors order on hand. That's called drug dealing and is illegal. State laws can change everyday, sometimes the pharmacists and technicians are the last to know. Besides, if you just got 6 months worth why go back 30 days later? The pharmacy, your doctor and insurance should in no way shape or form be dispensing that much medication that often. Please use some common sense before being a *** to the people that work 8+ hours a day in a freaking retail pharmacy trying to make sure that people get the meds they need to have a better quality of life.

Certified Pharmacy Technician at rival pharmacy for 7 years-my breaking point--when a customer threw a baseball and a bag of candy at my head when trying to refill an Oxycontin prescription 8 days early. And hardly ever getting a "Hey thanks, we appreciate you helping me feel better" Instead we get 8+ hours of this nonsense.


I don't understand. It sounds like you got a six-month prescription filled in October, then went back a month later in November to get it filled again?


Sounds like they got 1 of the 6 months filled. Regardless, the law is the law and you would not have been able to legally fill 6 months at once by mail either.

No big whoop. Just have the Doc fax in the next refill


The new law took place in November, but apparently Oklahoma Pharmacists knew about this new law back in March of 2013 when they had some big convention/meeting about it, and they also knew it would take place in November. (This information via several different Pharmacists (that don't work at Walmart)in Oklahoma.)


When did the law change? before or after your October refill? Be handy piece of info to have.......right....