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I purchased a HP Printer from walmart here in Chantilly, VA. When I got home to set it up I noticed that it was defective not only that I found it kind of odd that it already had printer ink in it(usually new printers don't have the ink already in it).

So I package it back up and proceed to return it back to walmart. The associate stated that she could not refund me my money being that the printer's serial number did not match the serial number on the box. I said ummm ok that's not my problem(what customer open up a box in the electronics department to see if the serial numbers match? No one).

Then I tell her well how do I know what I am buying unless I take it home and set it up. It doesn't make sense. So she gets the manager his name is Jim 443-909-0008. He came over already hostile and said sorry I am not going to refund you and no you can not get another printer of the same price.

So I said ok you sell me a printer I take it home it's defective I bring it back only to be told that what was in the box wasn't supposed to be(not my fault) and I just pretty much lost my money and I have no printer so basically you just stole from me. I did contact corporate and let them know what happened and they were shocked they stated that it would take 3 business days from them to investigate and they were sorry that this happened to me. There is a scam going on were walmart will put defective items in boxes and people think they are buying what's on the box but when they get home it's not the case and when they go return it they can't get there money back.

It's a sneaky little scam that walmart has going on and people need to be aware.I am scared now to buy things for fear that I will get scammed because it happened at the least likely place. I did end up buying the same HP printer that I thought I had bought at walmart I bought at Microcenter for the same price and I asked them to match the serial numbers together before I purchased it and they looked at me like I was crazy but I then told them about my walmart experience and they were shocked and upset and reassured me if anything was wrong I could bring it back and get a full refund.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Our printer bit the dust, so my husband went and got a new HP printer at Walmart. I was the one who opened the box at home and took the printer out and removed the packaging.

It was sealed from the store. We installed it and tried to get it to print, but it would not work correctly. He took his receipt and printer (packed back in the box) back to the store to exchange it. As luck would have it, even with his receipt they would not take it back.

Apparently the serial number of the printer was different than what was printed on the box. They said people were trying to scam the store by putting their old printers back in the box and trying to return them. Made my husband mad that they thought he was a thief. .

I'm thinking their returns department must have put one of the defective models into another box to sell. Lessons learned: when buying something that has a serial number (such as the printer) make sure it's the same number on the item as on the box BEFORE you buy it at Walmart.

Open it there in the store, I guess. He ended up having to buy a new one and made them open the box right there and compare the serial numbers (which matched this time).


I agree 100 percent, Walmats will steal from you in a minute. I just walked out of Walmart in Morgantown West Virginia 4 H Camp Road with the same problem.

I bought an iPad for my daughter for her birthday and she unwrapped sit and gos to look at it and it's another off brand iPad. well of course I do what everybody would do in a situation like this, return the product. well that's what I did with a receipt and spoke with two manager, one name Lisa and the other name Terry both of them were very rude about getting this problem corrected, only thing they told me wasno.

so I just called corporate and they are supposed to be getting back to me after I guess talk to somebody :( . it really isn't right.


a scam? it sounds more like an HP error to me. what's stopping people from taking a year old printer and putting it in a new box to return it?


I work for Best Buy and printers sold in the United States of America do come with ink cartridges. However, they are NOT already installed they are in packages and installed by the consumer after purchase.

You should consider reading the complaint thoroughly.

NO printer has the cartridges already installed. They would dry out and be useless by the time they are purchased.

@Best Buy

I read the complaint thoroughly. It does not state the ink was installed, only that it had ink.


OK...you have never bought a printer in the last 15 years have you? They always come with starter ink, nearly every one on the market.

The ink will last for about 10-20 pages, so you need to buy new ones. The box also tells you that ink is included.


Thieves aren't as honest as the complainant above...they are clever and repackage the merchandise to look like it has never been opened. That wasn't the case above so if they were trying pull a scam they wouldn't have been honest about the item being different.

If the store had a competent employee they could research and find if one of those printers had been returned for a full refund previously...if so that thief is the villain.

I believe that was probably the case as it has become common practice by thieves that have the heat shrink wrap etc.. to repackage like new.

I say go back and speak to a supervisor because they have the capabilities to find out if a printer was returned for a refund.


A lot of people try buy a new item and then put their old item in the box and try to return it. How do they know for a fact you aren't trying the same thing?


Tthere was a local news report recently about customers being sold ipads that did not have the ipads in the package, the store was able to trace back and find that they had been returned "unopened" but what the thieves were buying the ipads taking the ipad and repackaging it with a book or something else of equal weight inside. They are warning people to open the ipads in the electronics department at the time of purchase.

I would suspect thieves are doing the same thing with other electronics since they have the means to repackage the merchandise to look like it had never been opened, and customer service doesn't ask any questions if it appears to have never been opened. The news story said it was going on all over the state of Texas so it is likely it is happening elsewhere.


Something is wrong here. I have taken things back that I have bought at WalMart, for one reason or another, and these were things that came in boxes.

These items were lamps, small appliances, etc. I have never had them take the item out of the box. This is why I feel something is wrong in your complaint. More than likely another customer brought it back in the wrong box and said nothing was wrong with it, therefore, they put it out for resale.

Or you might have even had an extra HP printer box around the house and put the printer in the wrong box. Because of one bad experience, a person can't be scared to buy things.

That is being downright paranoid. This could even have been a manufacturer error.