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I had my shopping cart of goods taken away while I turned my back and walked 10 feet up an aisle to grab look at a product on the shelf. In my cart was a small bag with my medication and wallet.

I shopped all afternoon for that stuff. I'm a guy and don't enjoy shopping too much.

It took me at least another hour and half to finish, and did still not even have half of what I came there to get, what I had in the cart before. I still have not heard anything about my wallet or medications that went missing that day......

I think about it and if I did that, I would be prosecuted, charged, end up in court and all

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Orlando, Florida, United States #879530

Agree with lifelessonlearned. Why is this even listed as a complaint against Walmart?

Did you see an employee take the cart? If not any customer there could have grabbed the cart along with your items, medication and wallet.


Next time why not give the wallet and medication to mommy for safe keeping since you are too young to be responsible for your stuff. Don't blame them for your being careless.


Why would you leave your wallet and medicine unattended for any amount of time? It's not Walmart fault you were irresponsible with your stuff and someone stole it.

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