Los Angeles, California

I am a parent and I live in Anaheim, CA.

I went to Walmart today, Fri 10 Sep 2010, to sell some candy to help a club at a public school. A security guard came up to me. He seemed like he could have been on a substance, but I'm not sure. I felt that he was very rude. He was rambling, and stated in an aggressive tone, "if you don't leave now, the cops will come, arrest [or remove] you and you will have to pay a fine of $200. When I politely asked him if he was on drugs, he told me that was none of my business. His voice seemed a bit groggy, so I'm not sure if he was on something or not. I walked away.

I was shocked and told the store asst mgr. The manager said, "we don't allow solicitation unless you contact Benton AK for permission."

I will try to take my business elsewhere. I can't believe that it appears that Walmart doesn't want to see schools helped. Everyone in my union always tells me not to have anything to do with Walmart, and I used to not listen. However, after experiencing behavior from the guard, I now think my friends are right.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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In your case I am only on LS. Love my Son.

Perhaps in the future I will be on LSD.

I am hoping for a daughter in the future. Yes in the future a little LSD is all I need and want.


I can beat your "There is a time and place for everything it's called college."

I am on LSD. Love my Son and Daughter. aka LSD.


You ask if I am on drugs, that is none of your business. However I will tell you one thing about the drug question.

"There is a time and place for everything. It's called College."


You ask if I am on drugs, that is none of your business. However I will tell you one thing about the drug question.

"There is a time and place for everything. It's called College."


That was just a joke I am not on crack or any drug.


I just read somewhere that you are eleven years old Zachary. What WTF are you doing on crack at 11?

Trevor are you on drugs. Scouts should be capatilized.


We are always getting complaints at the Wal-mart I work at about solicitation. "Private Property has a point about liability reasons.

You need written permission before you can soliciate.

We do get scouts and air cadets fundraising, however they have permission from the store. You can't just go on public property and ask for donations.


"Are you on drugs Zachary"

I don't know does crack count as a drug?


Are you on drugs Zachary. You sound like you are because you don't understand my reply.

I needed the money to get my children toys for Christmas and take them on vacation. I am not being completly dishonest. I am doing this for school. Only I won't tell them how many candies I sold.

Also the candy sells for $1 and I am selling them for $2.50.

This way I get to keep $1.50 of the profits and they get what they want. Both of us win this way.


Isn't it illegal to tell them it is for charity for the school when you are really keeeping the money for yourself.


Thanks for replying to my letter "private property, First of all the security guard was likely on drugs. Are you on drugs as well?

Because you spelled liable wrong. I tried the same thing at Kmart, and was told by the manager who was most likely on drugs that I had to leave. These big stores don't care about small people. Are you the drugged up Kmart manager because he too told me that I am on private property and had to leave.

When I told him I was not going anywhere he threatened to have security excort me out. I then started asking for donations in the parking lot and was asked to leave there. Both the managers at Wal-mart and the security guard there and the manager at Kmart are high on drugs. I needed the money to feed my children and used the public school to get money to feed my children and take them on vacation.

However the people who were donating thought that it was for the school. So did the drugged security guard.

Even though they thought it was for school and not my children they asked me to leave. Now my children won't get a thing for Christmas or be able to go on vacation because of greedy companies who make millions who won't let me ask for donations they thought was for a school.


You are on private property. You have no right to ask for donations.

You have to go through proper procedures to ask for donations. They have every right to kick you out. I have a feeling that the security guard was not rude until you refused to leave. People come to shop, not to have people beg for donations.

You have to have a contract. Sounds like you are the rude one. You assume he was on drugs. Was this before or after he told you to leave?

Perhaps he was on drugs to make him feel happy because he had to deal with customer like you. He and the manager are right you do need permission before you soliciate.

It is not that they don't want to see schools help. If something happened to you while you were on their property they are liabile and it could cost them big time.