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(I sent this letter to Walmart last Friday, 2/12/2010. Today is Tuesday, the 16th, and I've heard nothing. Perhaps others have had the same experience...I'd like to know. Here's the letter):

I'm hoping this is the correct venue for this message. I've waited a few hours to calm down from my extremely disappointing experience with the assistant store manager at your Matteson, Illinois Walmart.

On Monday, February 8th, at 11:18 am, I purchased an HP #56 black ink cartridge from your Homewood, Illinois store. On Wednesday, the black cartridge installed on my HP printer finally gave out and I replaced it with the new didn't work. I shook the cartridge and re-installed it...nothing. I had some packages I wanted to label and ship, which I ended up doing by hand, since my printer was out-of-service. This afternoon, since I live in Matteson, I took the bad cartridge back to the Matteson store.

I stood in line for, perhaps, a half hour waiting to get my turn at the customer service counter. I gave Marlene, the clerk, the cartridge, container and my receipt. When I said, all I wanted to do was get a replacement for the bad cartridge she was very gracious and told me to go to the department and pick one up, then bring it back to the desk. I went back to the department and guess what? You had no #56 cartridges on your rack. So, then I went back to the desk to inform Marlene...that's when I got my first taste of Charles, your assistant store manager.

When I got to the desk, Charles was waiting there next to Marlene. In a flat, dead eyed, monotone voice he told me that it is not policy for Walmart to exchange or replace opened ink cartridges. I asked him what I was supposed to do with a bad ink cartridge. I pointed out that I even had the little red seal that covers the sensor. Instead of responding to my logical question he just repeated that "...once opened it's Walmart policy not take back ink cartridges."

Of course, I then asked him how I was to know it wasn't going to work without first opening the package and installing it in the printer. He said that wasn't his problem and that Walmart's policy was not to accept returns on, (you know the rest). Then I asked what I was supposed to do with the bad cartridge and Charles said I should contact HP. I then got a bit hot and asked to speak to the store manager. Charles said she was on the register. I said I'd wait for her and he told me to "suit yourself".

Charles then walked into the office and left me standing there across from Marlene. She asked me to move and I said that I'd prefer staying until the store manager got there. Marlene said that Charles would get her and again asked me to move. I asked Marlene if she believed Charles would get the manager. Marlene responded, "He said he would." I pushed a little harder and asked her if she trusted Charles. In an incredulous voice she said, "He's my manager, of course". Just then, Charles came out and Marlene asked him if he'd asked Denise, the manager, to come over. Charles said, "No, she's on the register".

I want my money back for this bad cartridge!

Monetary Loss: $25.

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first of all dosn't surprise me I hate that store ever sence Sam passed all thay care about is the all mighty Doller and the person you talked to isnt evan the store maniger Steve Rennels is !!!!


That Hewlett Packard doesn't warrantee, (or guarantee)their product is both erroneous and probably not true. Almost every state has regulations, (as does the Federal government when an item is either advertised or sold by mail), requiring a product to function as advertised.

Walmart either receives "promotional" monies in lieu of returns or actual product.

Given Walmart's reputation for being hard on vendors they're not going to allow HP to get away with a shrug of the shoulders...even if they don't feel inclined to pass that along to customers. I don't know where you're getting your information but Walmart isn't "eating the loss"...the loss was covered in one of any number of ways; in advance, as a percentage of overall purchases or as part of a product-return policy...doesn't matter the customer does not have to accept a "broken" new product from Walmart.


The funny thing about printer cartridges is that the manufacturer (HP) does not actually guarantee them. Basically, Wal-mart is unable to return that cartridge to HP and get thier money back.

So although, Charlene was willing to have the store "eat the loss" in the name of customer service, the manager vetoed as the decision would have cost the store money.

Ink Cartridges are a racket, out of the box about 1% don't work and they are not guaranteed when opened.