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I just went through the worst experiences in retail to date. To make a long story as short as possible; I have tried to refill albuteral for my breathing due to tumors on my spine.

First dropped off the request 6-13, the female at the counter stated "dont you realize we close at 7pm, it was 6:22 ? She didnt want to be bothered? Then left the request to pick up, 2 days later 6-15 find out it hasn't been done. Two days later 6-18 go in to pick it up, by this point I am completely out just to be told by the pharmacist "Mike" they don't have the order and what do I want him to say, its not his problem and go to the hospital if you cant breathe..

"REALLY" He asked what my problems was after several times of trying to explain what has happened without him wanting to listen, I stated at the moment my problem is you being an "***" I just need to figure out why after a week I still don't have my meds. Asked for his supervisor several times, he refused, yelling at me by this point because I called it like it was; his erratic behavior was unacceptable, showed complete lack of professionalism and disregard for the oath he vowed. Am I wrong to ask a pharmacy questions about my medications? Spoke with the stores Asst.

Mgr he was gracious and apologized and assured me to take it to the regional. Just spoke with his regional manager and he apologized, stated how unacceptable the behavior is, but he would not be at risk of loosing his job just a talk about how customers are to be treated.

I feel so violated!!! Walgreen's will now be my choice where they care for their patients and are not treated as if we have no value.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You feel violated because he wasn't fired? You were probably

the one yelling and the pharmacist reacted to it. Get over it and move on to Walgreen's.