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Last evening I had a bad experience with one of the Walmart store, the store manager Eric treated me very bad.

I live in Bothell, WA & I went a trip to LA on thanksgiving day and got 2 laptops in Walmart store HP & ACER. I felt HP is not up to the mark so I was trying to return HP lap in Walmart store Everette Mall. They scanned the bill and not able to figure out the item, not able to find the scanning code for that laptop even the item code matches with the bill. They treated me as a cheater & he asked me to go and try some other Walmart store it doesn't make any sense to me. And he asked me to call customer care or LA Walmart store to get that fixed. I was in customer service center it makes no sense to contact customer care representative & I called the LA Walmart store they asked me to reach customer center. After 2 hours of wait time Eric asked one of the supervisor to put gift card and give it to me. This is unfair I was treated very bad & the way I got the gift card is like beggar got the money.

Is this the way you treat the customers? It is my hard earn money & I have rights to get my money back. Still I got confused, Whose mistake is this? Still I have the bill and it has the manger name, same item code in box which I returned last evening. How the customer validate the bar code?

If there is no action taken on this complaint definitely I'll put it in social media I do have bill & another laptop I bought added with Walmart insurance I believe in future if I go and check with that insurance definitely they are gonna say item not found in their code. I need a proper solution for this one & I would like to know the actions taken for this complaints.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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You did get your money back, your gift card can be used just like money. For heaven's sake grow up!

Furthermore, now all WalMart stores sell the same products. There are three of them where I live and all of them don't always have the same products.

The same goes for other stores.


Looking at this person's spelling and grammar they are six years old. They need their parent to explain how a gift card works.

A six year old does not know a gift card is money.

I like how these people say they will got to the media, like the media does not have better stories to cover than a six year old who misunderstands things.