Des Moines, Iowa
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I unfortunately shop at the Walmart in Des Moines Iowa on South East 14th Street that Walmart is the dirtiest place. All the other walmarts.

Have the nice pretty blue carts.

There they are broken down all the other Walmarts have the nice pretty blue cards this walmart has horrible old fashion carts that the wheels wobble, I actually hurt my back one day when I was trying to keep the cart going straight instead of pulling in one direction today I went there shopping with my dad as I unfortunately have to do every week and the store was so hot, there were people in the back sweating at one lady actually was thought she was going to pass out, an older lady and I went up to the pharmacy all the people up there were hot and it's normally a pressure cooker hot in that store but today was ridiculous I understand that you control the temperature out of your Illinois location I really believe that if you wanted customers to stay in your store longer and do more shopping it would be nice to be in a comfortable temperature usually every week it's so hot that I buy the groceries and get the heck out of there I can't even stand to be in there one extra minute so I think that someone there needs to realize that that's bad for customer service and it's also bad for people's health. I understand that that Walmart is the worst in town but you know if you would fix it up people from the south side wouldn't have to drive to West Des Moines or Jordan Creek to go to Walmart to see kids at 1 so you need to take your time and think about working on that one my money is just as good as anyone else there and I spend at least 500 dollars every two weeks there.clean up this ***

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Give them the money so they can buy new ones. Or stop tearing them up. The employees are not the ones breaking them.


Punctuation. Use it. Thanks!