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I went to Walmart for a couple of things and as soon as I walked in, the front entrance was cluttered with boxes and it was difficult to squeeze through the one gap they left open for entering and exiting guests. I went to the pharmacy area and asked an employee about the placement of a tablet and she rudely told me "I aint never heard of nothing like that.

You got the wrong name" and walked away without offering assistance. After I finished shopping through the labyrinth of boxes and isles filled with clutter I went to check out at the one register that was open. After waiting for 25 minutes in line, it was almost my turn. There were no divider bars so I put about a 2ft space between my stuff and the person's in front of mine.

After thinking she closed him out she started checking me out. She scanned about half of my items before realizing that she didn't finish with the person in front of me. She then said "Oh look at me scanning her stuff with yours! *** teenagers always on their phones and not paying attention to anything." I then told her I didn't want my items and that I wanted to speak with the manager.

She rolled her eyes at me and called him. Although he was nice and apologetic, I don't think anything will be resolved about my complaint.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Sounds like an exaggeration of events to me. From what your saying,the entrances were blocked which made it hard for customers to enter or exit the store.

Also the pharmacy associate just dismissed you out of shear rudeness and no knowledge of anything or knowing how to speak properly. After all of that, there was only one register open and of course you waited 25 minutes for your turn and had placed your items on the belt a good distance from the customer that was being rung up yet the teenage cashier who was busy talking on her phone, deliberately began ringing up your items while you stood there watching before saying something. OK, first of all, I highly doubt that the entrances/exits were blocked. The clutter as you call it is in fact freight that is brought to the floor to be stocked so that people like you can purchase the things you need instead of complaining that the shelves are empty.

The pharmacy associate probably did try to assist you but you insisted that they carried something that they in fact did not and you didn't want to hear that so that"in your opinion" made her her dumb, rude and dismissive. If there was only one register open then you were more than likely shopping in the middle of the night when there are very few customers and your 5 minute wait seemed like 25.

You probably placed your items on the belt in the midst of the cashier ringing up another customer and while you weren't paying any attention,the cashier believed that she was still ringing up the current customer since neither of you bothered to say anything. Face it, you were just being a *** and wanted to complain about everything and anything.