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I don't feel comfortable shopping at the Gresham Rd location. I`ve been approached three times on different occasions where people have asked me for money while I was shopping.

Yesterday a guy was selling gold chains with a matching bracelet. This is an example of why people shop in other neighborhoods. That building use to be empty for years and management and staffs are allowing it to go down. That is sad.

And if anyone of the staff or management say that they didn`t know what was going on is liying. Lets get the area back right PLEASE

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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What does the fact that people try to sell you something have to do with your feeling comfortable in a location. Let's face it, there are enough people inside and outside of the store that you weren't in any danger.

I do know where I live stores do give organizations, etc. permission to set up outside in a certain area to sell different things for whatever reason. If this occurred inside the store more than likely it was a sub-division of a company that manufactures things that are routinely sold.

No matter what the deal is, you do have the right to say no, when something like that happens and walk on past.

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